FILMographyHeaderFILMography is an ongoing art project by Christopher Moloney that matches scenes from movies with their real-life, present-day locations. It is interesting to see how well some of these locations, especially the obscure, have held up over the years. Moloney’s photographs are currently on display in homes and galleries in Canada, Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Brazil and the United States.

Thanks to Adam Darby for today’s fodder.Filmography-CaptainAmerica

Captain America | 2011


City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold | 1994Filmography-Cocktail

Cocktail | 1988Filmography-DarkKnightRises

The Dark Knight Rises | 2012Filmography-DevilWithoutACause

Rebel Without A Cause | 1955Filmography-KillBill

Kill Bill: Vol 1 | 2003Filmography-MidnightCowboy

Midnight Cowboy | 1969Filmography-NancyDrew

Nancy Drew | 2007

Private Parts | 1997Filmography-Se7en

Se7en | 1995Filmography-Serpico

Serpico | 1973Filmography-Speed

Speed | 1994Filmography-Transformers

Transformers | 2007Filmography-WonderYearsWonder Years | 1988