MiniCooperCampingConceptsHeaderMini is making the most of the summer season by introducing three incredible concept cars specially designed for campers—though you can’t buy any of them yet.

The most amazing is probably the Mini Cowley Caravan, an adorable trailer that comfortably sleeps two and comes with a twin-burner gas stove; a water tank with pump and sink; and a solar panel that charges the on-board battery, with a 230-volt connection that powers a fridge, TV and audio equipment.MiniCooperCampingConcepts#1 MiniCooperCampingConcepts#2 MiniCooperCampingConcepts#3 MiniCooperCampingConcepts#4 MiniCooperCampingConcepts#5


The second concept,  the Countryman ALL4 Camp, has a roof rack that cranks up into a two person tent.

MiniCooperCampingConcepts#6 MiniCooperCampingConcepts#7


Finally, The Clubvan Camper is almost a home on wheels—it has a spacious sleeping area for one; an extendable kitchenette with propane stove and chest fridge; a hand-held shower with water tank; a glass panel that can be opened for ventilation or stargazing; a kayak-looking storage rack on top; and a television and auxiliary heater.MiniCooperCampingConcepts#8