AndrewWhyteHeaderAs part of his 365-day project, Andrew Whyte photographs a regular LEGO man armed with a camera wherever he goes every day for an entire year. He keeps the Legographer in his pocket, and brings him out whenever there’s a moment worth capturing. Whyte uses his iPhone 4s instead of heavy camera equipment, to make those every day photos more convenient and less burdensome. He also shoots from a perspective which detaches us from the human point of view, and brings us closer to the tiny world of the Legographer.AndrewWhyte#1 AndrewWhyte#2 AndrewWhyte#3 AndrewWhyte#4 AndrewWhyte#5 AndrewWhyte#6 AndrewWhyte#7 AndrewWhyte#8 AndrewWhyte#9 AndrewWhyte#10