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PANTONE2014HeaderEach year the Pantone Color Institute forecasts the color for the year ahead, 2014 gives us Radiant Orchid (PMS 18-3224). American color specialist, Leatrice Eisemanan, describes the trendy color as an ‘enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones’. Pantone’s predictions influence everything from consumer product manufactures to paint suppliers. The previous year’s colors include Monaco Blue (PMS 19-3964) and Tangerine Tango (PMS 17-1463)  Read the rest of this entry »


TheMimiFoundationHeaderInspired by a patient’s statement that before cancer, she used to be much more carefree, The Mimi Foundation gave 20 cancer patients makeovers. The only rule was that the patients keep their eyes closed while make-up artists applied gaudy eyeshadow, bright lipstick and lavish wigs. The idea was that the participants’ discovery of how silly they looked “allowed them to forget their disease, if only for a second.” A photographer was positioned behind a one-way mirror during the reveal, to capture their reactions.

Thanks to Tami Bohn for today’s fodder.

2DorNot2dHeaderMoscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan have teamed up to create an amazing series of portraits, using the natural lines of models’ faces to create illusionary forms. The series is cleverly called “2D or Not 2D” and is designed to make the faces look like 2D images when viewed in real life.

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Swedish design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge–revolutionizing the form and function of the bicycle helmet. Displeased with the awkward shape and fit of the traditional turtle shell helmet, they spent seven years developing the Invisible Bicycle Helmet. It functions like an airbag in that it’s collapsable and inflatable, but this version is worn like a scarf, and it pops up over your cranium in the event of an accident.

NikeMusicShoeHeaderIn Japan, it seems that Nike is more than just running and sports. When it came time to release the brand new Nike Free Run+, Nike teamed up with Japanese musical duo, Hifana, to produce the musical instrument version of the show. Know as the Nike Music Shoe, the shoe is a functional instrument that produced different tones when bent in various positions.

LéoCaillardHeaderFrench photographer Léo Caillard decided it was time to modernize some classic sculptures, to trade in loin clothes and leaves for skinny jeans and denim shirts. He began the makeover by photographing hip Parisians in trendy garb, then mapping their clothes onto nude Hellenic sculptures taken from the Louvre.

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FedericoMauroHeaderItalian artist and multimedia director Federico Mauro has taken a look at the eyewear that defines celebrities and is now turning his sights to their footwear. In his latest series “Famous Footwear,” Mauro describes people, both fictional and nonfictional, through what they wear on their feet. Read the rest of this entry »


Over the last few years, artist Anastassia Elias has been gaining traction with her wonderful back-lit paper dioramas inside of toilet paper tubes. Today she announced a new book titled “Rouleaux” containing photos of 67 original works spanning 2009-2012. Read the rest of this entry »

JillGreenbergHeaderWe are all familiar with the expression “…like taking candy from a baby”, but I don’t think we have ever seen it happen. Photographer, Jill Greenberg had no issues with teasing her child subjects with candy and then photographing their reactions after she takes the candy away. The photo series called “End Times” captures raw emotion, but has caused some controversy for Jill. although Greenberg admits that the series is a tad cruel, the parents that signed their kids up should be the ones in question.

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SkinFare is a small company out of Western North Carolina that makes an organic body care coconut oil stick in biodegradable paper packaging. They’re also on a mission to get rid of single use plastic in the personal care industry. In a short time, they’ve created a thriving business that provides a living wage for a growing group of employees, while also replacing nearly 20,000 plastic packaged products with their biodegradable tubes.

Happy Earth Day.