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2014MascotBracketHeaderMoxie Fodder presents the third annual Mascot Bracket. The seeds and school names have been removed in order to focus on the aesthetic aspect that each team’s mascot brings to the table. Also to help answer the age old questions, like who would win in a head-to-head match; a wildcat or a panther, a lumberjack or a ram, a eagle or a cyclone? Even if you want to keep with your tried and true bracket methods, add this wild-card system to the mix for an interesting approach to the madness.




Mexico based art director and illustrator John Raya took the 32 teams in the NFL and mixed them up with characters from the Star Wars universe to come up with a football league from a galaxy far, far away. Raya makes a fantastic effort to maintain each team’s color scheme and basic visual identity. You can see the rest of the amazing designs on is Behance page–AFC and NFC. Read the rest of this entry »


Super Bowl XLVIII did not turn into the epic battle that the analysts predicted. Denver’s instantaneous poor performance, caused many fans to lose interest in what was happening on the field and turn their attention to the commercials. As a result, USA today’s Ad Meter received record highs for participation. While Seattle and the Legion of Boom dominated the game, Budweiser and Doritos made the most of their $4 million and dominated the polls for 2014’s best spot–here’s the five best and worst spots from last night.
Budweiser “Puppt Love”
Ad Meter Score: 8.29
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For two years, street trials biker and Red Bull athlete Danny MacAskill has been working on his extreme sporting short film, titled Imaginate. The film, already boasting viral video status with over eleven million views, shows Danny as a character in a little boy’s imagination–seemingly shrunk down and biking around a toy chest on a slew of giant, classic toys.


Swedish design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge–revolutionizing the form and function of the bicycle helmet. Displeased with the awkward shape and fit of the traditional turtle shell helmet, they spent seven years developing the Invisible Bicycle Helmet. It functions like an airbag in that it’s collapsable and inflatable, but this version is worn like a scarf, and it pops up over your cranium in the event of an accident.


I collected baseball cards as a kid, because that was just what you did. Had I been the one to think of Baseball Card Vandals, then those crates of colored cardboard would have some value. Their formula is simple, take a worthless baseball card and deface to the point where you’ve got a pretty serviceable joke, then post it on the Internet for the world to see.

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MiniCooperCampingConceptsHeaderMini is making the most of the summer season by introducing three incredible concept cars specially designed for campers—though you can’t buy any of them yet.

The most amazing is probably the Mini Cowley Caravan, an adorable trailer that comfortably sleeps two and comes with a twin-burner gas stove; a water tank with pump and sink; and a solar panel that charges the on-board battery, with a 230-volt connection that powers a fridge, TV and audio equipment. Read the rest of this entry »

JamesFriedmanHeaderSometimes beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. Photographer James Friedman proves this to be true with his “Interior Design” series, where he discovered that the insides of golf balls are actually a lot more interesting than their outsides. These cross-sections are candy-colored and vibrant, which was a complete shock to Friedman, especially since he doesn’t even play golf.  Read the rest of this entry »

SharkWheelHeaderInventor David Patrick, an avid skateboarder, stumbled onto a way to reinvent the wheel as something that he claims is better than the tradition cylindrical model. The “SharkWheel” boasts six modular tubes, connected into a circle, and then bent them in such a way that, in their contours they form a perfect cube. The patented design makes the wheel  faster, more stable, and more ground-gripping and is currently being funded for production on Kickstarter.

Thank to Ashleigh Bristow for today’s fodder.

HeliosBarsHeaderWith the Helios Bars — the world’s first integrated headlight and blinker system for bikes — that fit on almost every bike, California-based Kenny Gibbs has plans to revolutionize all our two-wheeled friends. Besides user-responsive lighting (the light turns off when you walk away and turns on when you get near), these bars also come with smartphone connectivity to log data and statistics for rides, plus comes with built-in navigation and the ability to track the location of your bike with GPS.

Thanks to Dan Magdich for today’s fodder.

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