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TomnodMalaysianFlightHeaderAs dozens of ships and aircraft from 10 nations scour the seas for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, Tomnod, a US-based satellite imaging company has launched its own search effort with a crowdsourcing campaign to locate the Boeing 777. Already 3,200 square kilometres of imagery has been made available for volunteers to search online, with more images expected to be released over the next 24 hours. Users are encouraged to zoom in on each satellite image and drop a pin if they see anything that they believe could be wreckage.

Thanks to Erin Lovett for today’s fodder.


FA-18HornetHeaderRecently released by the US Navy, these photos document an FA-18 Hornet as it shatters the sound barrier. The event took place on July 7, 1999 off the coast of Pusan, South Korea. The vapor cone around the craft is due to the Prandtl-Glauert Singularity, which occurs when an aircraft travels at transonic speed. Read the rest of this entry »