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JusinGagnicHeaderNew York based artist Justin Gignac is from the school of thought that packaging is the most important part of marketing a product. He believes in it so much that he has enterprisingly began selling trash. Gignac takes ‘hand picked’ pieces of refuse from the streets of New York, sorts them into loosely related groups and places them in simply designed acrylic boxes. So far, he has moved over 1,400 units to buyers from over 25 different countries.

The regular units sell for $50 each, while limited edition ones from events like Obama’s inauguration go for double the usual asking price.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.

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Toronto-based graphic designer and photographer Marc Ghali cleverly mashed up faces of famous personalities from past and present in a seamless way with his “Then & Now” project. James Dean and Brad Pitt share a face in one piece, while Princess Diana somewhat on in Kate Middleton in another.  Read the rest of this entry »

In a matter of hours the polls will close, the results will be tabulated and, barring any hanging chads, the President of the United States will be announced. With nothing yet decided, a lot can happen in those remaining hours. Mike Bostock and Shan Carter of the New York Times have created 512 Paths to the White House–an interactive tree allows readers to explore US Presidential election scenarios centered around the nine battleground states.

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