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AndrewWhyteHeaderAs part of his 365-day project, Andrew Whyte photographs a regular LEGO man armed with a camera wherever he goes every day for an entire year. He keeps the Legographer in his pocket, and brings him out whenever there’s a moment worth capturing. Whyte uses his iPhone 4s instead of heavy camera equipment, to make those every day photos more convenient and less burdensome. He also shoots from a perspective which detaches us from the human point of view, and brings us closer to the tiny world of the Legographer. Read the rest of this entry »


SnapBackHeaderNickolas Kola, a Sydney-based entrepreneur, has created an incredible app. SnapBack has what is know as ‘successive snap,’ a function that uses both the rear facing and front facing cameras in succession to take two images. The first image is taken by you, the second image is taken of you. The basic idea is that you take a photo and then document your reaction at the same time.

The other features include the basic camera application add-ons–the ability to add frames, filters and textures.

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IkeaKnappaHeaderIKEA has decided to branch out from making fashionable pressboard furniture to try their hand at creating the first cardboard digital camera. The eco-friendly device, called the KNÄPPA, runs on two AA batteries and can hold up to forty images. Although there is no launch date or available price, the KNÄPPA is rumored to be the world’s cheapest digital camera.
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Sometimes taking a photo can be tedious; commanding everyone to stop what they are doing, line up and slap on some fake smiles. It can get in the way of actually enjoying the moment you want to capture. Memoto is a camera that alleviates the awkwardness–it’s a tiny camera and GPS that you clip on and wear. It has no controls so it constantly takes photos. The coolness bit is the app that allows you to easily sort and organise the countless photos it takes.

The Memoto is available in three colors and retails for $279.00.

For those looking for a device that’s a camera first and smartphone second, AT&T has just announced that the 4G-connected Samsung Galaxy Camera will be available starting November 16th for $499.99 without a contract. Powered by a quad-core 1.4GHz processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the camera includes a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD display, a 16MP backside illuminated CMOS sensor, and a 21x optical zoom lens. Data for the Galaxy Camera is managed through AT&T’s various Mobile Share and DataConnect plans, not unlike connected tablets available through the carrier.

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Now you can check-in to a location on Facebook through facial recognition scanning. The Redpepper ad agency claims to be beta testing a camera on the outside of a Nashville business that automatically checks patrons in to a location and offers them deals, after users have given the company access to their Facebook data, even though this technology has been developed independently of Facebook.

Thanks to Ben Dvorsky for today’s fodder.

Check-In with Your Face from redpepper on Vimeo.


The Lens Dial case by Photojojo offers aspiring iPhoneographers a three-lens optical system for fisheye, wide angle and telephoto. Plus, it is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with two tripod mounts, one for portrait and one for landscape shots.

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