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Old Spice has reenlisted former Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa for Interneterventions, the new online initiative pushing the brand’s body sprays. The campaign is built around nine bogus websites that advertise gawdy, faux-manly products and services—like black leather sheets, a live-in gym and a solid gold bluetooth—and Mustafa’s over-the-top disdain for all of them, and anyone who would be sucked in by them.

Users can send the sites to friends as a prank (via Twitter, Facebook or email), and when they try to click around, a warning buzzer sounds and Mustafa appears to offer help for poor lifestyle choices.

OSI-BargainTattoo OSI-BrodosOSI-LeatherSheetsOSI-NeckWorkoutOSI-ProteinCologneOSI-MuscleShirtOSI-SoulPatchPowderOSI-SprayTanPartiesOSI-GoldHeadset


LookUpHeaderBritish Airways placed interactive billboards in London’s Piccadilly Circus to launch the new “Look Up” campaign.  Every time a plane flies overhead a boy on the billboard points to it, with real time updates, the billboard displays the flight’s number and origin. 

ThankYouMomHeaderTo celebrate Mother’s Day (coming up this Sunday), Procter & Gamble joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy to illustrate common motherly advice we all have heard over the years, but maybe neglected to follow. The ‘Thank You, Mom.” Campaign showcases typographically designed pearls of wisdom in poster form.  Read the rest of this entry »


In an effort to sell the new “Wild Collection” line of products, Old Spice has abandoned the Old Spice Guy and have created a character they’re calling Mr. Wolfdog. Mr. Wolfdog, a wolf, is supposed to know a lot about the wild as well as marketing. He wears a clunky metal collar that translates his vocalizations into English. Proving that Old Spice truly understands the internet and its culture, they have created a blog and a Twitter handle for their new living meme.

Thanks to Dan Magdich for today’s fodder.


A Mirrored Memory is the new series of photographs by Texas based photographer, Tom Hussey, on his recent collaboration with pharmaceutical company, Novartis, for their “Reflections” campaign.

To promote the new drug called the Exelon Patch, that helps patients maintain long-term memories, Tom Hussey was fortunate to be included in a lot of the early concept stages for the campaign. The advertising campaign has been extremely successful for the promotion of the brand and people universally respond to the images. Read the rest of this entry »

Milio’s Sandwiches, a 46-store chain with locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, partnered with integrated agency Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, to champion the universal right to a decent sandwich. In a market cluttered with quick service restaurants owning the conversation around ingredients, speed of delivery and price, Milio’s wanted to establish the quality of its food and the in-store experience. Life isn’t without bumps, for anyone, and these ads speak to the universal truth of why, when life doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, a good meal is a justifiable reward. Read the rest of this entry »

 For its new Axe spot, BBH in New York wanted to dramatize the idea of the girl who got away—and warn its young customers not to let it happen to them.  With the help of director Ryan Ledwidge (The Guardian’s “Three Little Pigs” Spot), Kiefer Sutherland tells the tale of Susan Glenn, his (fictional) girl who got away, in a stylish, surreal spot that plays like a memory. The poetic narration and fantastical dream sequences add an air of sophistication to a brand that hasn’t made much in the past.

Thanks to Ryan Besch for today’s fodder.

DDB Brazil’s ad campaign for the MASP Art School in Sao Paulo recently received a lot of publicity for spreading out what looks like the dissected bodies of famous artists (Dali, Picasso & Van Gogh) with their insides done in the style of their art.

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Scholz & Friends Berlin print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic takes a fascinating perspective from the within the acoustic instruments. The internal landscape draws parallels to the architecture of buildings, and with a bit of imagination you can almost feel the unique tone and life of each acoustic instrument just by looking inside them.

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Dominic Engels, the head marketer for Paramount Farms, had an idea in 2009 to blend pistachio nuts with fixtures from gossip magazines and internet memes. That idea lead to Wonderful Pistachio’s highly successful Get Crackin’ campaign. From September 2010 to this October the delightfully simple TV spots helped propel sales 134% by volume. Click the link below to read an article about the history and the success of the Get Crackin’ campaign.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.