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Detroit based blogger and artist, Eric Millikin has a sweet tooth for classic monsters, he also has a clever idea how to use left over Halloween candy–create pop art style mosaic portraits using nothing but candy wrappers.

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OralBHalloweenHeaderDuring Trick or Treat, it seems that there was always one house in the neighborhood that handed out healthy alternatives to the standard Halloween fare. I don’t think that the residents inside realized the amount of disappointed young faces they were sending back down their driveway when they dropped an apple or raisins into the open bags.

A new commercial for Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes shows what happens when precocious children expecting to devour delicious sweets while dressed up in cute costumes are presented with “healthy Halloween treats” instead.

JillGreenbergHeaderWe are all familiar with the expression “…like taking candy from a baby”, but I don’t think we have ever seen it happen. Photographer, Jill Greenberg had no issues with teasing her child subjects with candy and then photographing their reactions after she takes the candy away. The photo series called “End Times” captures raw emotion, but has caused some controversy for Jill. although Greenberg admits that the series is a tad cruel, the parents that signed their kids up should be the ones in question.

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CandyWarpperAchiveHeaderCandy Wrapper Archive started as a personal collection of founder Richard Saunders and now includes more than 600 candy wrappers. Arranged by brand, the collection provides a fun way to browse nostalgic wrappers, from Snickers to Kit Kat, and many brands that fall somewhere in between, like Smooth Sailin and Chicken Dinner.

Thanks to Ken Lawton for today’s fodder.

For the launch of TWELV Magazine Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi designed a breathtaking dress using 50,000 multicolored gummy bears. Yum!

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