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JoshCooleyHeaderJosh Cooley, a story supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, best known for his work on  UpRatatouille and Cars, has recently tried his hand at more adult subject matter. While we might still be many years away from Pixar’s take on Silence of the Lambs, Conley has applied the same kid friendly animation style to some iconic scenes from classic R-rated movies. Read the rest of this entry »


i’m sure many of you remember carrying around your favorite toy as a child. creating imaginary worlds that cars would drive through and dinorsaurs would stomp on. taking that idea a step further,  Disney is leading the way of merging toys with touchscreen technology, they call it AppMATes. their flagship brings the world of Cars 2 to life, allowing kids to drive along familiar streets encountering characters from the movie. each car unlocks more parts of the city, check out the video below to see how it works.