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MichaelAllenHeaderNew York City-based graphic designer and facial hair enthusiast Michael Allen has brilliantly created a new font using his own facial hair as inspiration. The Alpha Beard series includes punctuation in addition to bold and medium variations, each formed from the thickness and thinness of the stubble. Many of good beards for sacrificed in the name of typography.  Read the rest of this entry »


FacialHairInspirationThe 2012 installment of Movember has recently come to an end. Although it is for a very good cause, it encourages only unambitious one-month mustaches, which not only fail to last for life, but usually hit the bottom of the sink on the first day of December.

It is not too early to start seeking some inspiration for next year, The Smithsonian has compiled 24 gents with the best facial hair from the Civil War and encourage users to vote for their favorite. I suggest the modest, but impressive, Alexander Shaler.