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CandyWarpperAchiveHeaderCandy Wrapper Archive started as a personal collection of founder Richard Saunders and now includes more than 600 candy wrappers. Arranged by brand, the collection provides a fun way to browse nostalgic wrappers, from Snickers to Kit Kat, and many brands that fall somewhere in between, like Smooth Sailin and Chicken Dinner.

Thanks to Ken Lawton for today’s fodder.



Steven Soderberg’s twisty pharma-thriller “Side Effects” hit theaters today. To create a sense of realism, the studio launched a website¬†for the fictional antidepressant, Ablixa. The website is obviously fake, because the professional consultation link is accompanied by Jude Law’s face, but the commercial is a perfect parody of the pharmaceutical spots we have all become familiar with in recent years.

Thanks to Ken Lawton for today’s fodder.