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MichaelAllenHeaderNew York City-based graphic designer and facial hair enthusiast Michael Allen has brilliantly created a new font using his own facial hair as inspiration. The Alpha Beard series includes punctuation in addition to bold and medium variations, each formed from the thickness and thinness of the stubble. Many of good beards for sacrificed in the name of typography.  Read the rest of this entry »


WiredInteractivePrintAdHeaderIn the latest edition of Wired magazine, you’ll find the very first interactive print ad courtesy of T+Ink Technology. Inside of 150,000 copies (mostly Chicago and NYC), readers will be able to design their own Motorola Moto X phone by pressing on colored buttons to change the color of the smartphone’s case. The ad plays on the concept that the Moto X is the first customizable smartphone offering over  2,000 unique combinations.

So now we can customize our own phones in a magazine, we love you already, 2014

ThomasJacksonHeaderThrough a refined combination of simple placement and superior photo editing skills, New York based artist, Thomas Jackson gives flocks of household items the sense of levitation.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.

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TelekineticCoffeeShopHeaderTo set the stage for the Carrie reboot, in theaters October 18th, the publicity team behind the horror film put together a hidden camera prank at a coffee shop in NYC’s West Village. Unsuspecting patrons go about their morning as an accidental spill unfolds into a startling telekinetic happening.

Thanks to Jason Thomas for today’s fodder.

JusinGagnicHeaderNew York based artist Justin Gignac is from the school of thought that packaging is the most important part of marketing a product. He believes in it so much that he has enterprisingly began selling trash. Gignac takes ‘hand picked’ pieces of refuse from the streets of New York, sorts them into loosely related groups and places them in simply designed acrylic boxes. So far, he has moved over 1,400 units to buyers from over 25 different countries.

The regular units sell for $50 each, while limited edition ones from events like Obama’s inauguration go for double the usual asking price.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.

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AlexandreArrecheaHeaderCuban artist Alexandre Arrechea’s site-specific public art installation, ‘No Limits,’ features gigantic architectural sculptures of some of New York’s iconic landmarks. These sculptures of Chrysler Building, Citicorp Center, Empire State Building, Flatiron building, Helmsley Building, MetLife Building, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, Seagram Building, Sherry Netherland, and US Courthouse stand 18 feet tall and will be on display alongside Park Avenue Malls until June 9th. Read the rest of this entry »

LegoVinesHeaderThe launch of Vine, the Instagram of video, has been fascinating to watch over the past few weeks. Obviously everyone is trying to figure out what works, and user Mark Weaver seems to be on to something. The idea behind his Lego Vines series is simple–a stop motion art project using LEGO & Vine, but the execution is what makes the eight second clips mesmerizing.  Read the rest of this entry »

PaintYourPizzaHeader is a website where you can Microsoft Paint your own pizza and a participating pizza shop will actually make the pizza. Depending on the complexity of the pizza you painted and the colors (ingredients) used, 18″ pizzas start around $36.

Thanks to Pat Harris for today’s fodder.

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko has created ‘Cities’, a collection of 15 wall clocks depicting different iconic locations for his ‘ReVinyl’ series. Old records are cut to show the silhouettes of buildings and environments associated with each city while keeping the original record label as is. The repurposing of the material gives it a new function while reminding the users of the days of acoustic recordings.

Thanks to Christopher Olvis for today’s fodder.

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Target meets Hollywood.

Today the retail chain released the first installment of a three-episode online mini series “Falling for You”, starring actress Kristen Bell and directed by Phil Abraham of Mad Men. The innovative romantic comedy will allow viewers to literally watch Target’s new Fall line in action and shop over 140 of their top fashion, beauty and home goods.

The campaign will culminate on October 10th in New York City with a live performance.

Check out episode #1