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MehmetGozetlikHeaderWith his latest series, designer Mehmet Gozetlik raises the question “what would happen if you took iconic brands and minimized the details on their packaging to their absolute minimum?” In many cases, the experiment elevated the brand, bringing a simple and elegant feel to the product. While a few explorations seem to work on the generic product level, most work best at the 3rd level of distillation, where the logo alone functions on a colored field with a particular shape

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J&BWhiskeyHeaderTo celebrate their period of origin – the late 19th century, a time when tattoos were becoming popular – J&B partnered with tattoo artist Sebastien Mathieu to create 25 limited edition tattooed bottles of J&B blended scotch whiskey. In order to prevent the needles from breaking each glass bottle during the 20 hour sessions, they were covered with a thin skin toned latex skin. Read the rest of this entry »

JusinGagnicHeaderNew York based artist Justin Gignac is from the school of thought that packaging is the most important part of marketing a product. He believes in it so much that he has enterprisingly began selling trash. Gignac takes ‘hand picked’ pieces of refuse from the streets of New York, sorts them into loosely related groups and places them in simply designed acrylic boxes. So far, he has moved over 1,400 units to buyers from over 25 different countries.

The regular units sell for $50 each, while limited edition ones from events like Obama’s inauguration go for double the usual asking price.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.

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SkinFare is a small company out of Western North Carolina that makes an organic body care coconut oil stick in biodegradable paper packaging. They’re also on a mission to get rid of single use plastic in the personal care industry. In a short time, they’ve created a thriving business that provides a living wage for a growing group of employees, while also replacing nearly 20,000 plastic packaged products with their biodegradable tubes.

Happy Earth Day.


CandyWarpperAchiveHeaderCandy Wrapper Archive started as a personal collection of founder Richard Saunders and now includes more than 600 candy wrappers. Arranged by brand, the collection provides a fun way to browse nostalgic wrappers, from Snickers to Kit Kat, and many brands that fall somewhere in between, like Smooth Sailin and Chicken Dinner.

Thanks to Ken Lawton for today’s fodder.

SteveSimpson#1Mic’s Chili Sauce has enlisted the help of Dublin based Illustrator Steve Simpson to design the labels for their line of sauces. Simpson’s restricted and often vintage color palette paired with his illustration style make the bottles stand out.

Simpson is an industry veteran, with a freelance illustration and design career that spans 20 years with a client list that includes Absolut Vodka, American Airlines and 7up.

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Artist Ko Yang  has designed a milk carton, titled Expiry Date, that changes color as it nears the expiration date. The carton starts out as white and slowly grows in to a cheese like orange color in order to alert the owner of the freshness of the milk. This is a brilliant way to let the consumer use food without wasting it, however, it is not nearly as appealing to the seller.

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More often than not consumers equate eye catching packaging to a high quality product. Since this is the season to consume, Trip Wire Magazine released a list of the top 45 beautiful and creative bottles on store shelves.

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