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2014MascotBracketHeaderMoxie Fodder presents the third annual Mascot Bracket. The seeds and school names have been removed in order to focus on the aesthetic aspect that each team’s mascot brings to the table. Also to help answer the age old questions, like who would win in a head-to-head match; a wildcat or a panther, a lumberjack or a ram, a eagle or a cyclone? Even if you want to keep with your tried and true bracket methods, add this wild-card system to the mix for an interesting approach to the madness.




Super Bowl XLVIII did not turn into the epic battle that the analysts predicted. Denver’s instantaneous poor performance, caused many fans to lose interest in what was happening on the field and turn their attention to the commercials. As a result, USA today’s Ad Meter received record highs for participation. While Seattle and the Legion of Boom dominated the game, Budweiser and Doritos made the most of their $4 million and dominated the polls for 2014’s best spot–here’s the five best and worst spots from last night.
Budweiser “Puppt Love”
Ad Meter Score: 8.29
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MeghanColemanHeaderOhio-born graphic designer Meghan Coleman loves a good challenge. Last September, she began her most recent endeavor, 365 Days of Balloons, a Tumblr blog dedicated to creating one colorful twisted object each day for a whole year. Now on day 107, her balloons have become wildly popular all over the internet. The cute and quirky objects themselves range in size and difficulty — from college mascots to a 5′ tall Christmass tree, complete with presents.

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Pasi Jokinen-CarterHeader

I cannot say that I have given it much thought, but I wouldn’t spend much more than $20 on a Christmas wreath. Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter shattered my spending limit by adding more than 138 carats of rubies and diamonds to create a wreath worth 4.6 million dollars US. In addition to the precious stones, the 23″ wreath is also adorn with  some of the world’s most exclusive flowers and leaves, including Hedera berries, Nobilis, lingonberry, blueberry stems and hand-curled eucalyptus leaves.

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BearAndTheHareHeaderUK department store chain John Lewis has become well-known for the high production value of their annual holiday commercials. This year’s festive ad, The Bear & the Hare, could have been produced using standard animation, but the creative team opted for a much more complex and time-consuming hybrid of hand-drawn animation converted into stop motion animation. The making-of video is almost more impressive than the actual commercial.
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NeleAzevedaHeaderNele Azevedo is a Brazilian visual artist best known for her “Melting Man’ installations. Azevedo carves thousands of small figures and places them on monuments across the globe where audiences congregate to watch them melt. While she doesn’t claim to be a climate activist, the basis for these interventions is to draw attention to urgent matters that threaten our existence on this planet.

Thanks to Joe Koufman for today’s fodder.

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Detroit based blogger and artist, Eric Millikin has a sweet tooth for classic monsters, he also has a clever idea how to use left over Halloween candy–create pop art style mosaic portraits using nothing but candy wrappers.

Thanks to Nick Rieman for today’s fodder.

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OralBHalloweenHeaderDuring Trick or Treat, it seems that there was always one house in the neighborhood that handed out healthy alternatives to the standard Halloween fare. I don’t think that the residents inside realized the amount of disappointed young faces they were sending back down their driveway when they dropped an apple or raisins into the open bags.

A new commercial for Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes shows what happens when precocious children expecting to devour delicious sweets while dressed up in cute costumes are presented with “healthy Halloween treats” instead.

TelekineticCoffeeShopHeaderTo set the stage for the Carrie reboot, in theaters October 18th, the publicity team behind the horror film put together a hidden camera prank at a coffee shop in NYC’s West Village. Unsuspecting patrons go about their morning as an accidental spill unfolds into a startling telekinetic happening.

Thanks to Jason Thomas for today’s fodder.

ThankYouMomHeaderTo celebrate Mother’s Day (coming up this Sunday), Procter & Gamble joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy to illustrate common motherly advice we all have heard over the years, but maybe neglected to follow. The ‘Thank You, Mom.” Campaign showcases typographically designed pearls of wisdom in poster form.  Read the rest of this entry »