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J&BWhiskeyHeaderTo celebrate their period of origin – the late 19th century, a time when tattoos were becoming popular – J&B partnered with tattoo artist Sebastien Mathieu to create 25 limited edition tattooed bottles of J&B blended scotch whiskey. In order to prevent the needles from breaking each glass bottle during the 20 hour sessions, they were covered with a thin skin toned latex skin. Read the rest of this entry »


BerrgeTattooHeaderTurkish tattoo studio Berrge, has teamed up with Istanbul based advertising agency BÜRO, to put together an awesome print ad seeking new tattoo artists. The ad essentially becomes the first step of the interview process—applicants must display their drawing skills and steady hand by filling in the QR code that’s faintly visible on the ad. Those who filled in the code perfectly could scan it to receive the official application form by email. BerggeTattoo#1

Michael Dinges’ Dead Laptops collection features MacBooks that look like they’ve undergone some heavy duty tattooing with seriously detailed and mystical designs carved onto the usually sleek and untampered surfaces of these Apple computers.

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today’s fodder is the first ever animated tattoo. the link will direct you to a video of K.A.R.L (a famed tattoo artist in Paris) and his attempt to incorporate a QR into a tattoo.