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AnadoluSigortaHeaderThe Street Fighter video game franchise is one of the best selling of all time, it only makes sense to take advantage of that global reach in order to sell products. Turkish car insurance company Anadolu Sigorta used Ryu, the poster boy of the series, in their latest TV spot. In a spot-on recreation of the bonus levels from the 1991 classic Street Fighter II, Ryu convinces a stubborn motorist the importance of having auto coverage.

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BerrgeTattooHeaderTurkish tattoo studio Berrge, has teamed up with Istanbul based advertising agency BÜRO, to put together an awesome print ad seeking new tattoo artists. The ad essentially becomes the first step of the interview process—applicants must display their drawing skills and steady hand by filling in the QR code that’s faintly visible on the ad. Those who filled in the code perfectly could scan it to receive the official application form by email. BerggeTattoo#1