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MichaelAllenHeaderNew York City-based graphic designer and facial hair enthusiast Michael Allen has brilliantly created a new font using his own facial hair as inspiration. The Alpha Beard series includes punctuation in addition to bold and medium variations, each formed from the thickness and thinness of the stubble. Many of good beards for sacrificed in the name of typography.  Read the rest of this entry »


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoston artists Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope came up with this genius and inspirational idea to take homeless peoples’ signs and trade them for beautiful hand-painted ones with the same message. In addition to painting these lovely signs, they also give them donations to help them out. Since the initiative is relatively new, there is no proof that the vivid new signage attracts or rejects the kindness of passersby.  Read the rest of this entry »

ThePixelPainterHeaderHal Lasko, mostly known as Grandpa, is a 97-year-old man that uses Microsoft Paint from Windows ’95 to his create artwork. Lasko, who is legally blind, served in WWII drafting directional and weather maps for bombing raids and later worked as a typographer for clients such as General Tire, Goodyear and The Cleveland Browns before retiring in the 1970s. Decades after his retirement his family introduced him to Microsoft Paint and he never looked back.

Thanks to David Burke for today’s fodder.

ThankYouMomHeaderTo celebrate Mother’s Day (coming up this Sunday), Procter & Gamble joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy to illustrate common motherly advice we all have heard over the years, but maybe neglected to follow. The ‘Thank You, Mom.” Campaign showcases typographically designed pearls of wisdom in poster form.  Read the rest of this entry »


Typography fans and proponents of the lyric video should be very excited about the Husbands’s latest video. For their single, “Dream,” the French band created an ode to fonts, mixing stark text displays with electronic beats to create visually captivating moments.

Thanks to Jorge Torneria for today’s fodder.

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Even the best designers need a little inspiration from time to time. The Little Black Font Book is a handy reference book that’s perfect for the designer who’s looking for some typography ideas. Hype for Type created this book to be a modern take on a traditional type catalogue, which shows great fonts used in effective ways. This book will definitely help you overcome your next creative block.

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Pictures paint a thousand words, and so do these illustrations. Akron, Ohio based artistsketched these drawings by using a multitude of statements to form each piece.

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Robert Montgomery is a London-based artist and possibly a poet, who hijacks empty ad spaces on the streets, billboards and backlit metro lights with his words.  He uses typography, instead of illustrations, to get his message across.

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Working from his Sacramento studio, DECABET, artist Jason Malmberg uses basic lines, muted colors and typography to create amazing gigposters. In addition to posters, Malmberg also dabbles with record sleeves and other merch for musical artists.

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Chacho Puebla, an artist from Madrid, Spain, just released a clever new series of photographs titled ‘Grandmother Tips’. The series is a blend of photography and typography that features Puebla’s Grandmother holding signs of things he wished she would have told him when he was younger. Rather than the usual ‘save your money’ and ‘get a hair cut’ sayings, the signs in this installment all pertain to social media.