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AndrewWhyteHeaderAs part of his 365-day project, Andrew Whyte photographs a regular LEGO man armed with a camera wherever he goes every day for an entire year. He keeps the Legographer in his pocket, and brings him out whenever there’s a moment worth capturing. Whyte uses his iPhone 4s instead of heavy camera equipment, to make those every day photos more convenient and less burdensome. He also shoots from a perspective which detaches us from the human point of view, and brings us closer to the tiny world of the Legographer. Read the rest of this entry »



UK-based artist Jane Perkins obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry etc. as material for her re-interpreted contemporary art. Inspired by impressionist artist and famous portraits, Perkins achieves a mesmerizing effect in her creations. Her work keeps your eyes attached from a distance view and a close-up as well with so many interesting small pieces perfectly arranged to masterpieces.

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J&BWhiskeyHeaderTo celebrate their period of origin – the late 19th century, a time when tattoos were becoming popular – J&B partnered with tattoo artist Sebastien Mathieu to create 25 limited edition tattooed bottles of J&B blended scotch whiskey. In order to prevent the needles from breaking each glass bottle during the 20 hour sessions, they were covered with a thin skin toned latex skin. Read the rest of this entry »

JoshCooleyHeaderJosh Cooley, a story supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, best known for his work on  UpRatatouille and Cars, has recently tried his hand at more adult subject matter. While we might still be many years away from Pixar’s take on Silence of the Lambs, Conley has applied the same kid friendly animation style to some iconic scenes from classic R-rated movies. Read the rest of this entry »

MeghanColemanHeaderOhio-born graphic designer Meghan Coleman loves a good challenge. Last September, she began her most recent endeavor, 365 Days of Balloons, a Tumblr blog dedicated to creating one colorful twisted object each day for a whole year. Now on day 107, her balloons have become wildly popular all over the internet. The cute and quirky objects themselves range in size and difficulty — from college mascots to a 5′ tall Christmass tree, complete with presents.

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ZachKingHeaderLos Angeles-based video artist Zach King has made a name for himself with his quick-cut style Vines, even making it to the semi-official Best Vines of 2013 compilation clip. Now you can watch and be baffled for seven straight minutes as King pulls kittens from computers, jumps through walls, and fries a ping pong ball like an egg, among dozens of others tricks.

Thanks to Bill Litfin for today’s fodder.

ChinoOtsukaHeaderJapanese London-based photographer Chino Otsuka has created a series of nostalgic and heartwarming photos that combine two different worlds–the past and the present. In “Imagine Finding Me,” Chino digitally inserts herself into old photos, so that she is standing next to her younger self. The concept is simple and her digital manipulation of the photos is done so well it makes it seem she is a time traveler.

Thanks to Kelly Keirn for today’s fodder.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.37.43 PMArtist Charles Huettner frequently posts a lot of strange and colorful illustrations and animation loops. He recently took on a larger project in a pretty neat two-and-a-half minute short called The Jump. Like a charming children’s book, it’s got a lot of bold colors and fun character design, but also deals with some dark themes like death, and spirits.

The Jump from Charles Huettner on Vimeo.

Pasi Jokinen-CarterHeader

I cannot say that I have given it much thought, but I wouldn’t spend much more than $20 on a Christmas wreath. Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter shattered my spending limit by adding more than 138 carats of rubies and diamonds to create a wreath worth 4.6 million dollars US. In addition to the precious stones, the 23″ wreath is also adorn with  some of the world’s most exclusive flowers and leaves, including Hedera berries, Nobilis, lingonberry, blueberry stems and hand-curled eucalyptus leaves.

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StreetArt2013HeaderNow that 2013 is coming to an end, the Best of the Year lists are starting to pop up. Here is a selection of the year’s most eye catching and creative street art from around the world, each with different social messages and graphic styles.

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